• With symptoms of depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • With issues related to infertility or grief following miscarriage

New mothers can expect to have out-of-the-ordinary experiences and feelings—sometimes wonderful and exciting, but just as often worrying and confusing. “It’s hard to get enough sleep… my body doesn’t look like I want it to… I’m afraid I won’t do a good job caring for my baby.”

Hormone changes that take place after a woman gives birth can make new mothers more emotional than usual, making all these new experiences and feelings even more unsettling.

If you feel a little depressed in the days following delivery, you may have the “baby blues” –a normal part of early motherhood that usually lasts no more than 48-72 hours. You do not need to seek professional help to resolve the “baby blues” since it usually will go away on its own. ……Some women, however, have more severe symptoms, or symptoms that last longer than a few days. This is “postpartum depression.”


  • Depression-weepiness
  • Extreme anxiety or feelings of panic
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Feeling detached from the baby and/or the family
  • Obsessive (repetitive) thoughts or worries
  • Lack of energy / Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Feeling overwhelmed and fearful of being alone with the baby
  • Disturbed sleep / Loss of appetite

Postpartum depression may bring with it thoughts and worries that are upsetting or scary and mothers may be afraid to share them and seek help. Please be assured that this experience is extremely common and that postpartum depression is, in fact the most common complication of childbirth. Furthermore, postpartum depression is not simply a “new mother’s problem.” It is a family problem, affecting the mother/baby relationship, the parents and the family system related to the new mom. For single mothers it is important to know that social isolation can contribute to perinatal depression. Connecting with a network or a care provider may be very helpful.

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