Barbara LewinBarbara Lewin, Ph.D.: Dr. Lewin has been a practicing psychologist for the last thirty years. She is the clinical director of The Center for Postpartum Depression. In addition to her general practice, Dr. Lewin specializes in depression and anxiety in the perinatal period with a focus on the particular pressures on pregnant and postpartum women today. Many women these days are feeling like they "have missed the mark" in their birth experience. Instead of feeling grateful to have come home with a healthy baby, they feel deficient and then depressed if they didn't deliver naturally and if the breast-feeding experience was not optimal. In her work with new mothers, Dr. Lewin encourages woman to celebrate their birth experience in whatever form it takes. She has been a staff psychologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Lewin is the mother of two children. Since 2004, Dr. Lewin has run a non-profit perinatal mood clinic at the Women’s Center of Chestnut Hill Hospital where she has treated uninsured and low-income women. She has lectured extensively on perinatal mood disorders and has served on the boards of Postpartum Support International and Depression After Delivery.


Philip TankelPhilip Tankel, Ph.D.: Dr. Tankel is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for thirty years as a marriage and family therapist. He specializes in ante and postpartum depression with a focus on the role of the father and the couple during pregnancy and the postpartum period. He has been on the staff at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Department of Children and Youth Service in Connecticut. Dr. Tankel has expertise in helping couples navigate the unexpected difficulties that may arise in pregnancy and postpartum. He encourages dialog and focuses on helping couples negotiate their respective roles in the context of the new family. Dr. Tankel has also done extensive research on the question of "equity" and shared parenting and it's impact on marital satisfaction and child outcome. Dr. Tankel has also been addressing the current economic situation in his work with new families. Dr. Tankel is the father of two children.


Ricardo FernandezRicardo Fernandez, MD: Dr. Fernandez serves as Medical Consultant at the Center. He is a psychiatrist who has been in practice for twenty-five years and a psychopharmacologist who specializes in depression in pregnancy and postpartum. He is board certified in clinical Psychopharmacology and had written and lectured extensively on perinatal anxiety and depression. Dr. Fernandez has been a leader in the education of clinicians in the area of depression in the perinatal period and has lectured extensively in this area throughout the country. He has served on the boards of Postpartum Support International and Depression After Delivery.


Theresa WrubleskyTheresa Wrublesky RN, CPD: Theresa is a nurse and a licensed doula with 20 years of experience. After the birth of her 3 daughters she came to the realization that babies don't do it by the book. Theresa wanted to share her knowledge and experience with other moms and in 1996 became a Certified Postpartum Doula. Theresa has had continuing education and experience working with mothers suffering from PPD. Her goal is to help reduce stress by creating a safe and peaceful environment where mom can express her feelings openly without fear of judgment. As a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Theresa also provides lactation and bottle feeding support implementing an individualized plan that is best for mom and baby. Theresa sees her role as helping new moms and parents make informed choices about the nursing experience given the unique challenges they are experiencing. Theresa is a member of Prepared Childbirth Educators Inc., American Pregnancy Association and CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) where she has been a contributing writer to the CAPPA Quarterly, and is also a Certified Infant Massage Educator.