• Depression in Pregnancy
  • Post Partum Depression
  • Severe PMS or Depression in the Perimenopause
  • Couples experiencing infertility
  • Grief after miscarriage or stillborn
  • Couples whose infants are receiving treatment in a NICU
  • Issues that accompany medical complications for mother or infant


  • Individual Psychotherapy
    For women and men 18 years of age or older.
    Our clinical staff includes both male and female psychologists / licensed social workers .
  • Psychopharmacology
    Our staff psychiatrist specializes in treatment of hormone-related mood disorders.
    We have alliances with other psychopharmacologists who are also specialists in this field.
  • Marital and Family Therapy
    When pregnancy-related problems affect couples or whole families. We also provide support to grandparents.
  • In-Home Visits
    We collaborate with a licensed doula who may visit the home when medical issues such as toxemia or hyperemesis are present.
  • Risk Assessment / Counseling
    For women preparing for pregnancy who have a history of mood disorder.
    For new mothers experiencing difficulties or frustrations with nursing, a licensed doula or lactation consultant can offer useful information and individualized assistance in weighing pros and cons of breast feeding for her infant child and herself.
  • Skype Evaluation
    For women who are on medical bed rest, have no access to childcare for older children or women who are geographically unable to access appropriate treatment a Skype evaluation is available with our clinical director, Dr. Barbara Lewin

When you call the center we will provide a brief evaluation over the phone. If the Center is an appropriate clinical service for you, we will then schedule an in-depth clinical evaluation involving testing, review of psycho-social history and a clinical interview. Recommendations for an appropriate treatment plan will also be discussed. This plan would be based on symptom profile and logistical considerations (time availability, office accessibility, child care needs. These factors all play a role in deciding which clinician will be most appropriate.